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Author Topic: Geist Force RESORTED [Unreleased]  (Read 3003 times)


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Geist Force RESORTED [Unreleased]
« on: November 10, 2012, 06:53:12 AM »

Thanks goes out to all those who donated, especially to the guys that run Assembler Games to make it the great
 trove of knowledge and obscruity it has become. Without them and your donations this would not be here. MILF
from the Dreamcast Clean Merge Project took the hours of time to pack the levels together I am simply just taking
that sort order and applying it to the files from my pressed disc. File has been dummied out to 79:45 of an 80min
disc as well as the new file order while the orignal release has a dummy file smaller then the one I used.
It isn't the end all of fixes but it is a start in the right direction. Hopeto have a proper release for you sometime
soon till then enjoy the freshly repacked lost gem that is, Geist Force!File ID has been changed to GF-Resorted and a
dummy legit.dmmy file was added so one can tell if they have the newlysorted released or just a renamed CDI file. I
hope you all enjoy as this is a much needed improvement with laser seek times cut drastically.

Original 766mb 78:55:25 Label: SELFBOOT
Resorted 774mb 79:45:18 Label: GF-SORTED


Gameplay Controls
joystick: move ship
d-pad: switch between different B button bomb attacks
tap A: shoot lasers
hold A: allows you to lock on to multiple enemies, releasing A after targeting fires homing shots at the locked on enemies
B: shoots multiple missiles in a burst
X+A: another multiple missile attack
X: short speed boost
tap X: barrel roll
Y: short slow down ability
L or R: bank left and right respectively, L doesn't work exactly as R does (sometimes you have to press R and then L to get the L bank to work)
L and R at same time: move ship up in elevation very quickly
L + R + Start simultaneously: pauses the game, pressing this combination unpauses the game again
at the 'level select' mode unplug and re-connect the controller twice, in order to autostart the game without a debug menu present

Debug controls (plug keyboard that has "S3" button into P2, this is most DC JPN keyboards, and some, but not all other keyboards)
S3: open up debug/user menus
D: Opens debug options
U: Opens user options
S: pause game
T: Button toggles menu screen
Arrow keys: navigate menu (after pressing a letter)

F12: suicides player ship
F1: Gives player ship 9999 shield points
Z: rapid fire laser for player

Other Bits of info

The game does not support RGB SCART but does support VGA

Firing your laser less frequently prevents random crashes due to lessening the CPU load

JP BIOS on your system will cause less frequent crashes and a region mod can be easily done with only a one wire solder job and DC-Swat's DC Region Changer

See here for a region swap mod that anyone can do, http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/dreamcast-region-change/

Rev0 Dreamcast tend to handle the game better then v1 or v2 systems, simply look on the bottom of your system to see which number you have.

Will not rin from SD card as SDISO

Start a game with no control pad (Boot the DC with no control pad connected) then the menus will appear in the center of the screen using a finer
font and you don't need to press U or D to access the USER or DEBUG sections.

When overclocked to 240mhz tends to cause more problems then good, I experienced more random crashes when running my DC overclocked

Covers and scans courtesy of Assembler's release I took them from there, credit where it is due. Thanks for those and in HQ!!

Here is a optimized version of the game that runs leaps better and ALOT less seeking going on fromthe laser. This is a collaboration between MILF of the DCCM Porject and atreyu187 of ReviveDC!!

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Re: Geist Force RESORTED [Unreleased]
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2012, 07:01:39 AM »
Performance wise this version is a major improvement over the one at ASSEMblergames,  this version is a bit less laggy, has heavly reduced reader noise, maintains a slightly smoother framerate, and a much shorter load time after beating the 1st stage sub boss A+ work.

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Re: Geist Force RESORTED [Unreleased]
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2012, 01:52:16 AM »
I love all these rare games that people are still putting their time into.

If you ever come to Norwich I will buy you a pint or something. :)
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