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Author Topic: Eldorado Gate Volume 3 [Non-fullNuked][NTSC-J][NRG][oRARs]  (Read 2317 times)


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Eldorado Gate Volume 3 [Non-fullNuked][NTSC-J][NRG][oRARs]
« on: April 07, 2011, 06:59:37 PM »
This release by Hykan is much better than Eurasia one but please read nfo file below carefully to get to know how to finish the game .

Code: [Select]
         Title....: Eldorado Gate 3 (J) -Nuked

          Supplier.: Hykan         -  Date.....: 12/12/2010
          Selfboot.: Hykan         -  Genre....: RPG
          Platform.: SEGA DC       -  Files....: 15x20MB
          Origin...: JAP/NTSC      -  Filename.: Hyk-EG3-Nuke.partxx.rar
          Type.....: .nrg 80min    -  Ripped...: Nothing


  Release Notes
- ----------------------------- -

Yes, you read it right - this release is nuked. However it works way better than
the Eurasia release. It is released for die hard Dreamcast fans who insisted to
run games on a real Dreamcast.

The game has been ripped and tested to be working as noted below personally by
myself on a Pal and a Jap console.

Problems with Eurasia release:
1. All items found are 7 Senis.
2. Attack option in battle mode is disabled.
3. Enemies have no AI, You have to tell them what to do.
4. In scenario 7, you can't hire Pannel and can't hire the Sailor.
5. You can't wake up Rayfish who blocks you way to the final boss.
6. In scenario 8, you can't take the ship to Sengo Island.
7. There is no save point after you have completed the game.

Note from point 4 onward, you actually can't proceed the game without using a
"Cheat" save file.

My release have all but point 6 solved.
To get pass point 6, you have a few option:
 A. Use my save file included with the release but you will miss out the whole
      Sengo Island as there is no save point there and it will be destroyed
      after you have finished it.
    In this island you will get a few key items, an Emblem and an orga stone
      that even ADK's FAQ missed.
 B. Save when you reach point 6 and then take this save file and run EG3 GDI
      with an emulator and save after you have finished the Island. (Don't
      argue. I have told you this is for die hard fans)

  Rip notes (technical)
- ----------------------------- -
*The following notes are a bit technical and is useless to 99% of the users.
*The info is intended for technical users who know what they are doing and if
*they found anything wrong with my procedures, they can correct me or perhaps
*release a ppf.

Capcom have throw in a ton of protections into this game (well, when compared
with later volumes of this game, its nothing!)

1. LBA checks
       Easily fixed by using LBA 45000 scheme.

2. Country Check
       Check if IP.BIN (in memory) contains a "U" in the "JUE" string. If yes,
       All items found will be 7 Senis and Attack option in battle mode will be
       If "JUE" is not "J  ", enemies will have no AI.

       These can be easily fixed by setting IP.BIN to "J  " but then it won't
       boot in USA and Europe consoles. Using CDX to boot the "J" game in
       foreign consoles will render enemies to have no AI too.

       I have found the "U" check routines but not the "J  " routines. So I
       wrote a small piece of code to run at the beginning of 1st_read.bin
       to patch the in memory "JUE" string to "J  " as they are not needed
       after the game booted.

3. GD Tracks Checks
       Check that the LBA of Track 3 is 45000.
       since I used 45000 D/D format, there is no track 3, so I redirected it to
       check track 2.
       This fixes point 5 and 7 above.
       I have to give Credits to Echelon for this fix since I learnt this from
       their fixes in EG4 to EG6.

       (Note I have tried a 45000 A/D with 3 tracks that match the LBA structure
       of a GD but this won't fix point 6 so I revert to my favorite 45000 D/D

I won't list the codes here. Instead, I have included the original 1st_read.bin
for those who are interested to compare them.

Final Notes:

Like all of my previous releases, the images were created with a variation of
Echelon's method and hex edited directly into Nero format without burning to CDR
- ----------------------------- -

Gosseyn , Rayearth , blibbero , NU-NRG & all contributing members of Sega Palace

Download link :
Code: [Select]

Fix added!


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Re: Eldorado Gate Volume 3 [Non-fullNuked][NTSC-J][NRG][oRARs]
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2018, 09:30:05 PM »
Can i have a re upload because the links is dead


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Re: Eldorado Gate Volume 3 [Non-fullNuked][NTSC-J][NRG][oRARs]
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2018, 03:00:39 AM »
this post is about 7 years old, ill see if i can find a working link.