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Author Topic: How can I transfer files from Free Agent to Go Flex both are made by Seagate?  (Read 2769 times)


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I just bought a 2TB external hard drive calls GoFlex made by Seagate. I would like to take the files off of my 500 Gig FreeAgent by Seagate and put them on the 2TB GoFlex. I installed the software that came with the 2TB it looks to be working just fine. But when I connect them both to my computer it only allows one of the external hard drives to show up. They both show up as the (I :) drive.

The 2TB one is USB 3.0 and the 500 gig is USB 2.0 if that matters.

So how can I move the files from one to the next while having both connected to my computer? I am running Windows 7


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Does your new HD show up and can you access it if it's the only HD plugged in?