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my burning adventure(and advice)
« on: November 13, 2009, 05:44:53 AM »
ok so im not sure if this belongs here and i can move it if need be but pretty much im writing this because of the incredibly frustrating time i had trying to burn a dreamcast game.

now let me start by saying gigity's alcohol method works great its how 95% of my games where burnt. however i recently got a new computer and got a hankering for some new dreamcast games so i spend the next few hours downloading an unpacking the cdi files then i head over to isohunt to download the newest version of alcohol 120% it installs and cracks just fine but when i get to the point where i have clicked burn the program sits and will not write. "hmmmm" i say to myself "that's odd" so i try a different cdi  same thing.

by now im extremely frustrated i figure maby its my pirated version so i go to alcohol's website download the official trial and same thing. and any attempt to use alcohol after it freezes locks up the comp. so i go get disk juggler that freezes before i can even load a cdi. next up boot dreams same as alcohol. defeated i give up for the night.

the next day after work i figure its got to be a windows issue so i reformat after spending the hours getting the comp back to working condition i retry alcohol and the same thing happens so i spend the next few hours hunting down alternate cdi burning programs i even hunted down a copy of disk juggler 3.5 witch dident work. i tried converting the cdi to an iso but when burnt it dident work so i was left with only one option to try and of course its the one way to burn a dreamcast game that everyone here says not to do. dun dun dun that's right nero.

so i search the tools and find a post with not one but 2 links to cdi2nero. to my dismay both links are dead so the next hour or so i spend hunting down this elusive program. then finally success i find it i download i open it and click my first cdi. so far so good the conversion is a success now the next phase burning. i reinstall my copy of nero 9 essentials that came with my comp i sttart the image burner i notice i cant adjust the speed but proceed with the burn anyway it completes no errors i pop it in my dreamcast and ... hurray that old familiar laser moving sound greats my ears and the game works.

i go back and burn all the other games the same way then i test them and they are good i cant believe the most hated burning method at an unsafe speed (42x) worked perfectly for me. now in case your wondering my computer is pretty beefy it has 2 nvidia geforce gtx295's an intel i7 940 and and lg supermulti dvd/cd writer so after formatting i had no idea why alcohol wasn't working.

so to anyone else having the trouble i was having im letting you know nero can help in a pinch and so this just isent a story how you do it is simple. download cdi2nero from here http://www.mediafire.com/?amjidnekjiw
put the exe in your dreamcast folder (for easy navigation not actually a requirement) when you start it a cmd window will open as well as a browsing window. use the browsing window to find your cdi after you do the program will ask you to name the new file. i recommend using the game title. then the program will do its thing you should see it display a message like session one has x amount of tracks (the audio as far as i know) and then session 2 should as far as i know only ever have 1 track and this will be the majority of the disk space. once it is done converting the cmd window will close on its own.

next open nero choose the burn a disk from existing image option then locate your new nrg file and click burn. if you have the option lower the burn speed to 8 or 16x but like i said i burnt all mine at 42x and they work fine. and if you are curious im running vista home premium 64 bit.

that's my tale. admins if you need me to move the post go ahead and tell me and ill put it in  the right spot just wasent sure where else to put it
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Re: my burning adventure(and advice)
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2010, 12:45:13 PM »
Nice work, thanks!!!


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Re: my burning adventure(and advice)
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2010, 04:52:55 AM »
cdi's work fine for me, i bought the latest disc juggler and its settings are a little bit different. for 2 track cdi's set something to 2336 and set it so its a cd-xa. and overburn and raw write arent necessary in my version. in fact, when i burnt pso v1 in a disc juggler 3 i have, it had skippy audio and lag (twice) while the newer disc juggler burnt it better.