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Author Topic: Dreamcast Power Supply Short  (Read 1723 times)


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Dreamcast Power Supply Short
« on: October 21, 2008, 09:39:34 PM »
Apparently my little fix didn't work, and now my dreamcast is dead again...
It overheated last night after 2 hours of play (the left side where the power supply is) and I turned it off to go to bed. I woke up this morning only to have it not turn itself on, so I disconnected the power, and put it back in about 8 times. It didn't come back on, so I checked some of the parts inside quickly and it looks like one of the capacitors has melted it's outside plastic casing.
I'm going to try to find out if it's a small part I can just replace, but it sounds like i'm going to have to buy another DC  :(
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