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Author Topic: Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (M.A.M.E.) + All ROMs  (Read 5201 times)

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Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (M.A.M.E.) + All ROMs
« on: July 17, 2007, 04:10:00 AM »

This emulator is excellent.  It runs nearly all old-school arcade games.
Get yourself a nice controller for your PC.  I recommend this adapter
for a PS2/N64 controller:
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Download the latest version of MAME32-Plus here:
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Get the full MAME rom set (15 GB) here:
(You must register at PleasureDome to download this torrent)
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http://full.pleasuredome.org.uk/torrents.php?search=MAME+ROMs&category=10&active=1&sort=data&order=DESC(Use the program uTorrent to download torrent files.)

or you can get individual roms here:
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You may need to run ClrMAME on the games from Rom Hustler to rebuild them and get them to run with
MAME32 v.106. (Don't use this with the complete set unless you are adding updates.)
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http://www.clrmame.com/download.htmHere's the data file you will need to use with ClrMAME:
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It's on like Donkey Kong.
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