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Author Topic: DC&SS stuff, located in Sweden, can ship worldwide  (Read 1324 times)


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DC&SS stuff, located in Sweden, can ship worldwide
« on: May 28, 2008, 04:13:38 PM »
just got back from Tokyo, got some stuff I have to get rid of =/  PM me for my MSN adress.

So here goes nothing:

Dreamcast, console, controller and cords, 110V. can be modded with DC-Swats biosfix for an extra 15 USD

Sega Saturn, console, controller and cords, 110V. got some blacks tuff on it from the shipping, will try to clean it, the unit is WHITE.

Dreamcast Games:
Samba de Amgo, really good condition, original maracas, spine and plasticbags for everything, NM

Internet kit, the rare one I was asking questions about before, including, manuals, mouse, mousepad, keyboard, and passport 3, urban edition, never seen it before, unopened (the passport) the box has some tear, will post images later on.

PRO yakyu team wo tsukurou! & asobu
Fire Pro wrestling D, SPINE
Jleague soccer game, freebie for the first person to purchase anything :P
Virtua Athlete 2K factory sealed.
Golf game, says Gya-nn in katakana, seems pretty cool
ShenMue, with spine, not the papersleeve edition.
Sega GT homologation special
Angel Present with SPINE
UnderCover with SPINE
Powerstone with SPINE
NEPPACHI III VPACHI, virtual pachinko game, with spine, slightly sunfaded spine
Gundam battle online with spine

Sega Saturn Games:
TokiMeki memorial taizen pazurudrama (puzzle)
Vampire hunter
Blue Seed
Sega rally
Super Puzzle fighter 2 with spine, very good condition.
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