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Blast Wind (J)
« on: June 23, 2009, 07:52:35 PM »

Blast Wind   ??????????

Front cover

Back cover

Developer, Genre, Type of image


Developer: Technosoft

Genre: Shump ^o^ !!

Type of image: iso-mp3s-cue

Some info

Quote from: segagagadomain.com

 Well known for their horizontal shooters, especially the Thunder Force series, Technosoft bring Saturn fans a vertical scrolling shooter!  Coming direct from the arcades to the Saturn, Blast Wind sheds a little bit originality on the gender by allowing you to choose your route midway through the level by flipping switches as you pass them.  I quite like this idea giving what normally is a straight A to Z style of game a bit of variety.

Blast Wind's graphics while not stunning, certainly do the job.  There's also quite a lot of background detail in there from pilots running to man their robotic suits to water ripples.  I do feel that the bullets could be a little less colourful though since they do tend to blend in with the background at times, or at least I find that they do.

As you'd expect the BGM is typical classic Technosoft cyber rock which I'm sure you'll love.  Sound effects are very loud mind you and I do mean LOUD!  Most of the time you can hardly hear the BGM.  This isn't such a bad point to be honest since the loudness really does add to the game's atmosphere.

With full Tate screen support, rock solid gameplay and all those different routes to check out, Blast Wind will keep you occupied for quite some time.

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