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Quake (U)
« on: June 21, 2009, 07:02:24 PM »

Quake (USA ver.)

Developer, Genre


Developer: id Software

Genre: FPS

Some info

Quote from: curmudgeongamer.com

Summary- "Platform Shootout: Sega Saturn Quake vs. Quake 64"

Quake 64 is definitely more attractive, technically, and enjoys a higher framerate and resolution. Yet, the level design and texture quality generally leave me underwhelmed, and the use of colored lighting seems tacked on as eye candy, not as a special feature used to enhance the game in a meaningful way. Sound, as is common when space is limited in the cartridge format, is disappointing. On the Saturn, Quake retains much of the gloomy atmosphere, but suffers greatly from weak 3D hardware. Gamers are essentially sent back to the days of playing Quake at nearly 320x240 resolution in software mode on a mid-1990s PC. While this isn't horrible, it definitely looks dated and could even be difficult for some people to play, depending on their threshold for fat pixels. Yet, despite these weaknesses, the game is polished about as well as it could be. The levels include more detail than the N64 version, both in terms of polygons and texture quality. The dynamic lighting used on the spiral hallway is present and accounted for, and the controls are precise and responsive. One feature that I haven't touched upon, and which will be the subject of a much shorter blog later, is the Saturn-specific secret levels. At least two of these are worth seeing at least once or twice, just for the novelty. Furthermore, they are much more difficult than normal levels, giving so-called Quake veterans a run for the money. Trust me: you will be glad to survive in one piece!

And that's how it works out: the Saturn version of Quake is actually a better buy than the N64 version, from my perspective. Granted, my tolerance of fat pixels is pretty high, but I can't bring myself to hold that against the superior design on the Saturn. The only thing really missing is a multiplayer mode. Ideally, Quake could have used the Netlink to play on the phone line, but I suspect that this would have been too much for the system, given that it is probably being taxed completely just running a single player game. The N64 version offers a multiplayer split screen mode that I haven't ever used, and thus can't comment upon. If you have friends that would like to play Quake 64 split screen with you, then it may well be the better version for you. For freaks that enjoy the single player gloom experience, however, I recommend you stick with the Saturn version.

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