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Fist (J) / ????
« on: June 11, 2009, 09:06:37 PM »

Fist (????)

Front cover

Back cover


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Imagineer Co. Ltd.


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3D Fighting

Some info

Quote from: segagagadomain.com

I wonder if this is meant to be a game or just a sad excuses to please voice actress fans?  The game is a 3D fighting affair in the worst possible way.  The graphics are so poor that they make the original Saturn Virtua Fighter look great.  Animation is poor, playability is almost no existent, music is so so but worst of all the 2D back ground images are very poorly done.  This is a terrible state of a game.  I'm sure even the makers know this since there is only one screen shot of the game in the instruction book and on the back of the box which happens to be the same screen shot.  The back cover of the box makes more of an effort to promote the voice actresses than tell you about the game.  Just take a look at the below screen shot taken from the instruction book and you'll see how poor this game is.
The background is a pure 2D bmp that sort of badly zooms in and out.  The floor is a blocky mode 7 bmp while the characters are made out of about 100 polygons each.  Truly sad !!  As a plus, well at least for voice actress fans the game comes with a free CD single featuring 3 music tracks.

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58,2 MB/ 42,7 MB, iso/mp3(s)

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