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Marvel Super Heroes (J)
« on: June 03, 2009, 08:53:04 PM »

Marvel Super Heroes   ????????????????

Front cover

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2D Fighting

Some info

Quote from: segagagadomain.com

One of the earlier Capcom games to make use of the extra memory expansion cartridges available for the Saturn.  But unlike Vampire Savior or X-Men Vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes can be played with or without the expansion memory cartridge.  To tell the truth though, I couldn't see any difference between using it or not.  If you have the 4MBIT cartridge plugged in to your Saturn you'll find an extra option within the option screen that says 3M RAM MODE which you can switch on or off.  But really, it's hard to tell any great difference.  Loading seems to still take ages with it switched on and the animation seems to be almost the same.  Later Capcom games that use the expansion cartridges have hardly any to no loading times.

Apart from the extra ram making almost no difference what so ever, what can you expect from Marvel Super Heroes?  Well, even now seven years later Marvel Super Heroes still looks and sounds quite nice.  Of course it's no where near the likes of later Capcom Vs series games but still a great game.  Playability is still fast and furious just like more recent Capcom fighters but with maybe a little less flair than the likes of Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

This copy only cost my 550yen in mint condition so it's a bargain to say the least.  If you can get this one for about 10 pound then make sure you do.  It's pretty unlikely you'll find one as cheap as mine unless you live in Japan that is and even then you'll be lucky.

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