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Falcom Classics (J)
« on: May 31, 2009, 12:46:40 AM »

Falcom Classics   ??????????????

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Back cover


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Victor Japan / Nihon Falcom


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Some info

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Some classic RPG action here in the shape of three classic Falcom games.  Most important game on this pack has got to be Ys which has spawned almost as many spin offs as Final Fantasy.  Ok, well maybe not that many but still quite a lot.  Other games are Dragon Slayer and Xanadu.  The games can be played in their original modes or Saturn modes.  To me both seem almost the same apart from a few slight graphical changes in the menus on the Saturn versions.  The pack also comes with a second "Special Disc" which is compatible with the Saturn's MPEG card.  This disc also runs without the MPEG card and surprisingly still looks nice since it uses CRI's MPEG Sofdec that the Dreamcast uses.  The Special disc includes a voice drama of Ys with some very nice back ground art.  A feature on the Falcom shop and many other goodies.  There's also a "Omake" section which I can't open yet.  I wonder what's in there?

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6,05 MB, bin/cue

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