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Steep Slope Sliders (U)
« on: May 23, 2009, 08:11:07 PM »

Steep Slope Sliders USA

Front cover (i only managed to find JAPAN cover)

Info & Genre & Number of players

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Steep Slope Sliders in the best snowboarding game on any 32 bit system
in my book.There are so many things that make this game an instant classic.
At first you're presented with a choice of four boarders and seven different
courses.Now if that wasn't enough,
there are an additional four characters to unlock as well as more courses
including a meteor shower !!The controls for SSS are also very easy to
get to grips with.The two shoulder buttons are used to turn the board as
well as tricks while the A, B and C buttons are used for jumping,
grabbing the board and twists. All of the courses in SSS are well designed
with many items to aid you in performing many cool tricks as well as getting
in your way, so you must use your skill well.
SSS is also one of the few Saturn games that make good use of the Saturn's built
in clock. Since all the courses in SSS are situated around the world they all have
different time zones. So if you play a European course in the day then an American
course is going to be at night and so on. This feature can be switched off but I like
to keep it on since it adds that little extra to each course. Not to mention it's nice
to see the courses in different light.


Snow Boarding & 1-2

Developer & Released in

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Sega & 1997

Size & Extension, Type of image

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23,9 MB & *.7z , iso/mp3(s)

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