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Author Topic: Druid Yami e no Tsuisekisha / ?????????? (J)  (Read 3195 times)


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Druid Yami e no Tsuisekisha / ?????????? (J)
« on: May 23, 2009, 07:59:54 PM »

Druid Yami e no Tsuisekisha / ??????????

Front cover

Back cover

Genre & Number of players & More info

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ARPG & 1


I've only had a short play of this one so I can't add much comment to it.  From what I've seen this game is a roaming adventure filled with puzzles.  This really pissed me off actually since you can't leave some rooms until you've done everything requested from you.  Battles are not really free as in the sense that you can walk around beating the crap out of the enemy but more of you stand in front of them hitting A,B or C buttons.  I'm not too sure why this style of attack was chosen when a free battle using the same buttons would have been much more fun.  I guess it's saves on the lazy programmers writing any sort of intelligent AI.

Developer & Released in

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Sir-Tech Software Inc (Koei) & ?

Size of Image/ Archive & Extension, Type of image

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72,9 MB/ 38,2 MB  & *.7z , mdf/mds
(mount it or burn from mds file)

Info taken from SRP:

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Saturn TXT Export by SRP v2.1a using "Extended Export" option

Header Information Taken From a Saturn Image :

CD Label : DRUID
Game Title : DRUID                                                                                                           
Manufacturer ID : SEGA TP T-76
Serial Number : T-7670G
Version : V1.001
Internal Date : 19980501
Device Information : CD-1/1
Area Code(s) : J
Peripheral Code(s) : J
Total Number of Tracks : Unknown
Total Number of Data Tracks : Unknown
Total Number of Audio Tracks : Unknown
Creation Date : 1998/05/01
Creation Time : 14:25:01:00
Modification Date : 1998/05/01
Modification Time : 14:25:01:00

Manually Added Information (Found Directly on the CD) :
CD Made In : ??????????
Matrix Information : ??????????

Full Header :

T-7670G   V1.00119980501CD-1/1 
J               J               

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