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Author Topic: Tantei Saburou: Jinguji Mikan no Rupo / ??????????????(J)  (Read 3915 times)


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Tantei Saburou: Jinguji Mikan no Rupo / ??????????????(J)
« on: May 17, 2009, 01:11:31 PM »

Tantei Saburou: Jinguji Mikan no Rupo / ??????????????

Genre & Number of players

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Adventure & 1

Developer & Released in

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Data East & 1996

Size & Extension, Type of image

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85,8 MB & *.7z, iso/mp3(s)

Download links & Pass

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ALL FREE PROGS in *.zip (repacked with 7-zip and Deamon Tools),
wht i'm using you can download from:

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mirror below:

We work very hard to bring you these downloads.
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