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Pocket Fighter (J)
« on: June 21, 2009, 02:28:23 PM »

Pocket Fighter / ?????????

Front cover

Back cover

Developer, Genre

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Developer: Capcom

Genre: 2D Comical Fighting Action

Some info

Quote from: segagagadomain.com

Those super deformed Capcom characters are back in what just has to be the funniest fighter ever !  Featuring fighters from Street Fighter, The Vampire series and Red Earth, Pocket Fighter is certainly one mixed bag.  Even characters that aren't featured as fighters can be seen in the backgrounds such as Vega (M.Bison) Christmas shopping !!  All your Capcom favorites are there from Ghost & Goblins to Street Fighter 3.

The game plays pretty much like one of the Street Fighter V.S. games meaning that it's pretty much a free for all at times.  This is no bad thing though since it really adds to the pace of the game.  The main idea is to pick up the gems (yes the same ones from Puzzle Fighter) that are dropped every time either you or the opponent is hit.  By collecting these gems you can power up your character's moves.  Each colour represents a different move.  As well as all the traditional moves plus supers there's also a special attack button which allows your character to smack the other one with all manner of crazy stuff from street stop signs to giant fish !  One of my all time favorite moves though has got to be the Flash Combo.  During this flash combo your character will dress up as many other characters from Capcom games.  Just take a look at this scan from the instruction manual.  As you can see Chun Li dresses up as Jill from Bio Hazard, a cute school girl offering a love letter, a cheer leader and one of the characters from Star Gladiators (I think).

Now imagine that but for every character dressing up as someone else !!  That's a hell of a lot costumes.

Pocket Fighter is defiantly a great game that shouldn't be taken too seriously.  I would recommend this to any fighting game fan and even to those who aren't.  Also the game runs with or without the 4MBIT RAM cartridge.  Without it, it looks very nice but with it changes the game in to an arcade perfect version featuring all the animations from the original.

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