Author Topic: Success, I got Shenmue 2!  (Read 8638 times)


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Re: Success, I got Shenmue 2!
« Reply #20 on: August 20, 2007, 05:02:54 AM »
Either one of those two lovelies or Virtual On... but I am guessing from the way you didn't know what it is that you don't have it. :P

that doesn't mean that i can't get and rip it ;) but i already checked that and i don't have access to a full dump of that. if someone had the original and could provide me with the files, i could rip it for you

My From what I've found, my Lg GSA-4167b (newer CD drive) can read 99min, but can over burn to 94-95 min, not really sure if that means they are using 90 min or 99 min.

tons of drives can read discs up to 99:59. even non-burners and older drives. 95min as a border for a lot of borders. i also have a newer lg gsa writer that can only go up this far. thats why i'd rather use my old mitsumi. after going through several compatibility lists, i can say that several manufacturers especially support burning those huge discs, while other don't even go up to 90min.
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