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i ended up going to frys and buying the Samsung LNT4665F only thing was that it was the floor model so i thought fuck it i get a big discount and while i was there the tv was working great so i picked it up for 1,009$ with a 5 year service plan. i get home plug it in and it makes a buzzing sound and the screen flickers and then stays black (i had read many reviews about this happening but still took the chance, so i said fuck now i need to go back to frys).

i went back yesterday got my money back and then looked around and the LG 42LG70 42" grabs my attention so i grab that for only 60 bucks more than the previous tv and its in new condition. im was actually glad in the end that that other tv didnt work cause now i have a newer model tv with 120hz and much better contrast ratio.
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eh, I just put an Element 26 inch 720p in layaway at K-Mart for $300.  For what I need and can afford at the moment, it's a pretty good deal :)