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Author Topic: Dreamcast Easy Burning Guide  (Read 1598 times)


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Dreamcast Easy Burning Guide
« on: January 07, 2008, 04:47:13 PM »
Hello Segahubians!! I bring you this tutorial for people who have trouble with (or just don't like) Alcohol120% and Discjuggler.
And yes I am aware that this guide is covering things most of us already know, but there are still some noobs out there (we were all one at some stage

You will need these 2 programs:
Clone CD
Daemon Tools

Of course once you have them, install them. Clone CD requires a serial (keygen included in rar)

1. Once installed, right click on the in your system tray

Choose Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, Set number of devices and 1 drive

This will create a virtual cd/dvd rom drive in your computer

2. Now "mount" your dreamcast image, left click on the in your system tray and select " device 0: [F:] No media"
Note: It won't always be an [F:] drive, this is set by daemon tools and is determined by the amount of drives you already have

Now select the image file you wish to burn
NOTE: If daemon recognizes your image as an audio cd, this procedure WILL NOT WORK*This is a rare occurence*

3. Next open CloneCD and choose cd to cd copy

Make sure you choose your virtual drive as your reader, then click next

4.Choose data cd then hit next

Make sure the "delete after successful write" box is ticked then click next

The cd will now load, choose your cd/dvd drive as your writer, and click next

Make sure "data cd" is still selected, and always choose a low burn speed to be safe. 8x or less is usually OK

Finally hit OK then your freshly burned dreamcast game will be ready in no time!!


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