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Author Topic: ePSXe - Playstation Emulator + Bios  (Read 6171 times)

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ePSXe - Playstation Emulator + Bios
« on: July 17, 2007, 04:19:05 AM »

Homepage: http://www.epsxe.com

This is a program for runing Playstation games on your
computer.  You can run the games directly from the .bin file
or from a CD-ROM.  Download it here:

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You will need the Playstation Bios files as well.
Extract the .rar file to the Bios folder in ePSXe.
Get those here:

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You will also need to download plugins for the emulator's
graphics and sound.  Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.6
and Pete's DSound Audio Driver 1.15 worked best
for me.  They will go in  the plugin directory in
ePSXe. You can download those here:

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there is an optional add-on called Delta that will automatically
load your Playstation discs when you put them in the
CD-ROM drive. Get it here:

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Be sure to check out the other add-ons available at ngemu.com.

Super Joy Box 5 is the best adapter for hooking your
Playstation 1 & 2 controllers to your computer.
It can run 4 controllers simultaneously and has rumble,
steering-wheel and dance-pad support.
Buy it here:

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This emulator will run with many systems but I recommend
a minimum of a 1Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM and a 128 MB
graphics card.  I have an Invidia GeForce FX 5500 with 128 MB
of VRAM and the system runs beautifully.

PS: Set the barbarian free.
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