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Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG (J)
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Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG / ???? ??????????RPG?

Front cover

Back cover


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Team Andromeda


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Some info

Quote from:

This is one of those games that if it was on the PSX, it would have been classed as the ultimate game of the year.  But of course most of the sad sods out there in PSX land wouldn't know a good game if it popped out of their own arse.

Azel Panzer Dragoon or Panzer Dragoon Saga as it was known in the west was the 3rd in the series and an amazing piece of gaming history, right up there with the likes of Shenmue and Final Fantasy 6 (3).  This missive adventure pushed the Saturn to do some amazing landscapes with almost no loading times at all.  The game spreads over 4 discs with it's compelling story line mixed between RPG, Action, Adventure and Strategy.  If you've never played this game then you are seriously missing out.  The characters are genuinely likeable and you feel yourself become one with them as you play through the game.

Size of archive

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cd 1: 317 MB, tested and non-corrupted

cd 2: 277 MB, tested and non-corrupted

cd 3: 318 MB, tested and non-corrupted

cd 4: 337 MB, tested and non-corrupted

Download links & Pass

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cd 1:

cd 2:

cd 3:

cd 4:



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Re: Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG (J)
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