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: Is there any PC gamers here? Need advice
: Scornous June 12, 2018, 11:13:00 AM
Hello ! Recently joined this coomunity and I despair to find living people here :(

But I want to believe that it's not over yet. I am fan of Dreamcast, but sometimes I like to play games on my PC and now I am looking for new gaming laptop, because I often travel.
And change my residence. I need good laptop between 800 and 100 dollars. My friend recommends me Acer Predator: (

But I can't understand what is the price and it seems to be a bit expensive for me. Also I pay attention to MSI Leopard: (
Yes, I see that it is only 8Gb of RAM and GTX 1050, but it is more convenient for my budget. So, what you think about this two laptops and what you can recommend me?

Thanks in advance for your help.