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Title: Phantasy Star Online Version 2 [PAL-M] [DCHQ]
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DCHQ(Dreamcast High Quality)



When the citizens on Pioneer 2 observe the explosion on Ragol, the Principal sends down a team of Hunters - the player characters - to the surface to investigate what happened. The investigation takes them through a forest, which is teeming with native animals (such as wolves), then to the base of the "Dome" that Pioneer 1's inhabitants lived in. Eventually, the hunters enter the dome and find a dragon. Once the hunters defeat the dragon, they enter a series of caves which go below the Dome, filled with heavily mutated lifeforms. At the end of the caves, the hunters defeat "De Rol Le", a large mutant,that was infected by Dark Falz cells and by the scientists of Pioneer 1. "De Rol Le" escapes from the pioneer 1's lab by a sewer system into the rest of the world. "De Rol Le" is responsible for mutating the wildlife in the forests into the wildlife found in the caves by poisoning infecting the wildlife with its tentacles. At the end of the caves the hunters delve deeper into the planet, to an automated mining complex, which is filled with machines that attack the hunters on sight. After battling through the levels of the mine, the hunters defeat "Vol Opt", a sentinent Artificial Intelligence that corrupted and took over the machines in the mines. At the end of the mines, the hunters find an entrance to the ruins of an ancient, living spaceship. Inside the spaceship, the hunters combat slightly demonic lifeforms. Throughout the entire game the hunters follow the story of Red Ring Rico, a hunter from Pioneer 1 that had followed the same path previously and left various messages of advice. Rico had found the source of the monsters that had destroyed the colony on Ragol, only to be devoured by Dark Falz, a godlike entity which the players defeat in the final battle of the episode, which was the end of the game's single-player mode in the original Dreamcast version.

About It:
Source: GD dump files
Downsampled: Openning video in English(see notes below).
Ripped: Openning video in French, Spanish, Japanese and Germany(see notes below).
Selfboot: Yes
VGA Box: Yes

Online game
-I used the files by DC-Talk, it will automatically connect with their server, you will not need to use dr.dns for broadband or codebreaker for dial up this way.
-Please, test it and post comments here.
-More info here

-I downsampled the openning video, because it does not play properly in CD-R, the quality loss is insignificant, it have more quality than any other releases.
-You can play the game in any language, but the openning video will play in English, in other releases, the game freezes.

-I tried to import audio from xbox PSO version because it has more quality, but the game freezes in some situations.So I decided to keep the original songs.

-A lot of people talk about optimization, is necessary to know the game files for a perfect optimization, was the lesson I learned when I made the repacked version of the D2.
I lose many CDs learning about files and reading order, but I got an excellent result.
-Please, test it and post comments here.

Serial Number: E4367CA4
Access Key: 5YWXZG3D

Features of my releases:
-Dummy file added and the files were optimized the best possible, It means faster loadings and less Dreamcast reader noise.
-New custom Selfboot method by DCHQ, improve quick boot and preserve the files like original(no hack).
-VGA Box support.
-Comes with covers, manual and extras.

Parte 1 (95,37MB)
Parte 2 (95,37MB)
Parte 3 (95,37MB)
Parte 4 (95,37MB)
Parte 5 (2,49MB)

Compressed with 7zip and no pass, check the files with RapidCRC or a similar program.

About DCHQ: (