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Title: Sam & Max Hit the Road
Post by: Lord Deimos on July 17, 2007, 04:10:59 AM
(Ported to WinXP from DOS)

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     Sophia Presents:

         Sam & Max Hit The Road

    A LucasArts Classic

Info: Take it to the highways as the animal world's most bad-ass
detective duo.

How To Play: This game is packaged for use with ScummVM. Versions for
many platforms are available for free at Before
you play, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you set up audio for the game. I've
included two different compressed audio files, monster.sog and monster.so3.
You will need to move only one from the "Audio" directory to the root
"Samnmax" directory. Monster.sog uses high-quality ogg-vorbis compression,
and is HIGHLY recommended. Monster.so3 uses very-low-bitrate MP3 compression,
and you should probably only use it in situations where storage space is
very scant (like on your Palm or PocketPC). Enjoy!

Sophia: 'Cause geek girls rock, that's why. Bringing you the best
entertainment on the net. Check for my new releases on suprnova.

Title: Re: Sam & Max Hit the Road
Post by: retro_killa on December 22, 2007, 11:27:19 AM


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